Download the High Res Wallpapers of LG G3 Here

Every time a new phone is launched, it brings with it a new set of multimedia package. You have new wallpapers, new ringtones and often new icons too. While most of these are restricted to the particular device, wallpapers are one thing that we love to borrow from a phone if they are done well. And one thing that LG has usually done well is budge some pretty sweet wallpapers with the phones. We remember being pretty impressed with the wallpaper set of the LG G2 as well.


Thus when the LG G3 was released, we really were eyeing the new set of wallpapers that would come along with the device that is without any question one of the top two Android phones to get currently. Add in the fact that the LG G3 comes with a Quad HD display, you know for sure that the wallpapers included would be of tremendous resolution and can be used easily on a PC or a phone. This is why, we are thankful to the XDA Developers community who have extracted the nine high resolution wallpapers from the system dump of the LG G3.

You can download all the wallpapers from the zip file that is located here. It is a dropbox link, so you would have no problems in downloading either. Go ahead and download and let us know which one is your favourite of the entire lot.

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