Download the Motorola Moto X Gallery App for your Android Smartphone

Motorola Moto X has been one of the best smartphones to come out in the year 2013. To continue the revival, the Google owned company released the Moto G which was hands down the best budget smartphone Android has seen. The device is gradually rolling out in other parts of the world and soon expected in India. However, till the two Moto devices spread their presence across the breadth of the world, you can now install at least the default gallery application of the Moto devices to your Android smartphone after it was made available on the Play Store Officially by Motorola.

Motorola gallery

You do not require any sort of rooted device to be able to install this application. It is as easy as installing any application to your Android smartphone. The Gallery is really useful if you want a neat and clean UI. the colors are lighter and the thumbnails are larger giving you a greater look at the details of your images.

The only downside to the application is that you would require Android 4.4 KitKat on board to be able to use the Gallery application. This means you need to be using either a Nexus 5 or the Note III or one of the GPE devices other than the Moto phones to be able to use the gallery.

Download Moto X Gallery For Free here

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