Download the Never Settle One Plus 2 Wallpapers From Here

OnePlus 2 was announced in all its hyped glory this week. The smartphone is perhaps not deserving of the flagship killer moniker that has been flung at it for a while now, but that does not take away from the fact that the device is still one of the very best that is out there as a value for money that you can pick up. However, thanks to the convoluted and confusing invite system that exists for OnePlus, picking up the OnePlus 2 will not be as easy device to procure as some of the other retail devices and sometimes you may have to play the waiting game.


The device officially will go on sale starting August 11, so it is already a good solid wait of 10 days. If you want the piece of OnePlus 2 and we are not talking about physical pieces, then you already can use the wallpapers of the device on your current Android phone and have a look and feel for the OnePlus 2. There are a couple of wallpapers with the Never Settle text on it, which we are sure that the current users of OnePlus will enjoy.

In order to download the wallpaper, you can head over to Android Guys for the same.

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