Download Torrent Files Easily with Tixati

There are many tools available on the internet that can help users to manage and download their torrent files. Tixati is another such app but is much more simplified and easier to handle which is quite helpful for beginners.


Tixati comes in as an installation and also in a portable version. So users can use this app without having to install it. The main interface is direct and does not have any complications involved. Set this client to be your default torrent handler and all the torrents and magnetic links that you select on the internet will all be managed by Tixati and are added automatically for downloading. You can limit the download and upload limit from the start so that you will not have to keep on meddling with the settings again and again. This is a light weight app. So it allows most of the download speed to go to the files and does not have any useless processes running in the background which may hinder the downloading from happening at full speed.

So all in all, this app is quite direct in its approach, which we all like and is simple enough to use even for beginners. So don’t be surprised if Tixati becomes one of the best Torrent clients as time goes by.

Download Tixati.

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