Download Windows 8.1 Update 1 Now

As we bid farewell to the beloved Windows XP after having used it for about 10 good years, the future clearly is Metro. There were rumours initially that maybe Microsoft will do away with the fancy tile like interface that Windows 8 has bought, but after BUILD Conference all of these rumours were quashed away. Microsoft reiterated its support for Metro UI and also showed off some very interesting features that would be a part of the update that is coming up, the return of the Start Menu being one of the most important ones.


However, while that update is still somewhat away, the Update 1 of the Windows 8.1 update ca now be downloaded. Although the update is slated to go live sometime around 12 PM PST today, as expected NeoWin has the external links for the direct download of the update right here

Some of the features that are a part of this update are a host of new keyboard and mouse shortcuts as well as context menu that appears at the right click of the mouse button right on the Start Screen. Not just this, you can also pin apps to the taskbar now which is a rather useful thing if you are into the whole game of quickly launching applications. So go ahead, and download the update if you cannot wait for the update to go live officially and make sure you let us know what were your favourite features from the update.

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