Download your Favourite Android Games with Mobogenie

Android games can be addictive as well as challenging. Some of the most popular titles are very simple games that are easy to play and difficult to master.


However, many of these games launched on the playstore encounter some issues due to large fragmentation in the ecosystem and thousands of devices running different hardwares. Therefore, the developers need to constantly launch bug fixing updates. At other times, the updates bring new levels and features to the desk. So when an update is launched, one is tempted to download the latest version but with the high mobile carrier charges it is not practical to update a game everytime using mobile data.

Mobogenie is a PC Suite for all android smartphone running Android 2.1+ that lets you use your PC’s broadband connection to download games and apps to your smartphone. All you have to do is download Mobogenie and run it on your PC. Connect your smartphone with USB debugging enabled and Mobogenie does the rest.

To download your favourite games, click the games tab on top bar of Mobogenie’s interface. The games are arranged categorically. Click install on the game you wish to install.

The game will be downloaded and installed on your smartphone without any interaction of the user with the device. Once downloaded and installed you can simply pull out the USB cable and enjoy your favourite games you recently downloaded.

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