Draw Straight Lines Easily Using Drag Lock

Using a mouse to draw straight lines on your computer can sometimes be a really difficult job. You may be making some drawings and when you want to draw a straight line by free hand, it never happens. Drag Lock is a light weight utility for Windows that allows users to draw straight lines easily by just pressing the Windows button on the keyboard while dragging the mouse.

drag lock2

While using Microsoft Paint, I tried the software and it works quite well. But even with the software, you have to keep in control of the mouse or else you will get a straight line looking like the one in the snapshot above. Two of the lines were drawn keeping the hand steady. But when you try to move your mouse drastically with the windows button pressed, the mouse wont budge from its position and you will get a disturbed straight line.

The software is useful while dragging and selecting certain parts of a page and even while drawing accurate lines. It also comes in handy when cropping a picture or while taking snapshots of web pages by free hand.

The software comes in an installer package and is an extremely lightweight utility and uses very little of your computer’s resources.

Download Drag Lock here

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