Dreamboard Brings Advanced Theme Options to Your iPhone

Winterboard so far was the only way to theme and change the interface of your iPhone. We previously wrote a very detailed guide on how you can change the look of your iPhone using Winterboard. However, Winterboard has its limitations and is actually pretty confusing to use. Now an alternative is available which allows you to change your interface and comes with a lot many more options for the users. The application I am talking about is Dreamboard.

This tool lets you to change the look of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and its lock screen. It is a much more efficient manner to change the look of the screens and one of the better features of it is unlike Winterboard you do not have to continuously respring the springboard. It offers more customizations as well, unlike Winterboard which lets you only change the icons. You can also add the widgets and completely revamp the screen look by using Dreamboard.


The way to download this tool is rather easy. Follow these, steps:

1) You must be on a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

2) Open Cydia, and add modmyi repo.

3) Go to the search tab.

4) In the search tab search for dream board and install it.

5) Respring your device and you shall see dreamboard on your springboard.

One word of caution though is that, use dreamboard with only 4.3.3 above iOS versions because the app at times does not support the older versions.

It is extremely simple to use. You just have to download themes from Cydia and apply them in one click. It is available absolutely free and also comes, as a complimentary gift is the copy of endroid which is an HTC theme.

You can watch the tool in action here:

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