A mobile application to Read Your SMS & Email While You Drive

In US thousands of road accidents takes place every year due to mobile phone usage while driving. There are several car accessories presents to receive calls while driving but what if you receive emails and SMS. You have to look at your mobile phone and that might cause something very bad.

To avoid such conditions there is a nifty application for your mobile phone that reads all the incoming SMS and emails so that you don’t need to see your mobile phone while you drive. This app is known as Currently the application is available for Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile platform. iPhone version is coming soon.

Using this tool is easy. On the home page you’ll see the big OFF button. In this mode the application is inactive. You have to tap it and it will come in ON state. Now it can read your SMS and mails louder. You don’t even require to touch your phone to read the message. It will read the message as soon as it will arrive. It can also read text message shorthand (lol, brb, rofl).


The app is very lightweight and it doesn’t use the system resource too much. It means it will not drain the battery of your mobile with faster rate. There is a settings panel to customize the application in many ways. It comes in Free and Pro versions. Free version can read only upto 25 words of your SMS and pro version can read upto 500 words. In pro version you can also send text response via your voice. No need to type the message. Pro version is available at $13.95/year.

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