Droid 5 First Images leaked

Right since we had the very first Motorola Droid, the series of devices has stood for sturdy smart phones with a bit of an evil eye. The droid phones have been characterized with black and golden colors and all the robotic announcements. However, it has been a while since we have really seen a new droid with a keyboard. It is a form factor that seems to have been on the way out, a touchscreen with a sliding keyboard. Last device we can remember having that sort of a full QWERTY keyboard was the My Touch from T Mobile.


However, looks like we may be close to having another device which gives option of a full QWERTY as Droid 5 has been leaked out. The device, just like previous droids, features a full fledged keyboard and a large touchscren which may well be somewhere in the region of 4.3 inches to 4.5 inch. The Droid 5 is rumored to be a device which is both shock and water resistant. The device is manufactured by Motorola and would be a Verizon exclusive at least to start with.

There is NFC on board and keys on the screen as opposed to touch screen controls like on the Moto X. The Droid 5 would be releasing after long 18 months since we had the Droid 4. However, since this is nothing more but a leak in the wild, we would not be speculating about the device more, and wait to see if there are any more confirmations about the Droid 5.

Via: Weibo

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