Droid Razr First Impressions

Just like we had reported a few days earlier, Motorola mobility has released what is actually the return of the amazingly successful Razr series of phones. Back in the game is Motorola Razr and this time it’s better than ever, and thinner than any LTE device out there. While the world was awaiting the launch of the galaxy nexus Motorola has launched what promises to be the flagship device for a very long time.


So what exactly is the specialty and specifications of this awesome phone? The most striking feature of the phone is the its 7.1 mm thickness. This phone literally is the thinnest smart phone out there. The droid Razr sports a massive4.3 inch super AMOLED display which has been described super thin. The device is absolutely beautiful in its display and really blows away Bionic which is its nearest competitor in this segment with its clarity and contrast. Undoubtedly the phone has dual core action and it really is a speed demon. The phone’s screen is made out of gorilla glass. The rear camera is an awesome 8Mega Pixel camera capable of shooting 1080p video like we had reported. There is 1GB RAM on board to make the usage super-fast. The phone is business ready with corporate email and calendar and address in built. The phone is running 2.3.5 Gingerbread..
Droid Razr no doubt does great justice to the Razr family, however with the launch of the awesome ICS 4.0 sporting Google nexus galaxy, the launch of Razr has been undermined. How well will the phone fair is only a guess but it is in for some tough competition especially now that the ice cream sandwich phones start to roll out.

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