Dropmocks: Easiest way to Share Photographs on Internet

Many times it happens that you want to share quick image to your friends. Many people send it via email which is traditional but not useful always. Suppose if you don’t have email ID of your friend then what would you do.  Twitpic, Yfrog and other image sharing sites are goodare but they optimized for Twitter users and upload button is required everywhere to upload images to these sites.

Dropmocks is a neat easy to use and quick method to share images online. All you have to do is go to the website, drag and drop any image from your computer to the page. That’s it. No upload button, no sign up, no hassle.


The image will upload immediately. After uploading, give a title to the image by clicking on the “Untitled” button on the top right and enter the name of the image in the dialog box. After giving it a name, you can share the URL of the picture. The URL is given below the title of image or copy the URL from the address bar.


Now share it over Twitter, Facebook, IM or any other place you want. It is a quickest way to share image. One drawback of using this site is it only allows photographs of size less than 900KB. Obviously it would take more time to upload picture of greater size so developer restricted it to this size. It would be great if the site can provide Twitter or Facebook sharing button on the page to quickly share image on these sites.

Check out Dropmocks [via Compixels].

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