Dropout : A Desktop Search Tool for your USB Drive

Consider a scenario where you have a USB drive containing a large amount of files, you are looking for a particular file but cannot find it in the heap of files and folders. You cannot use the built-in Windows search as the files have not been indexed yet. Now instead of waiting for Windows to index your files for searching, what you can do is carry a desktop search utility called Dropout in the USB disk itself that knows everything about your existing files. The best thing is that you can use the search as soon as you plug in the drive.

This is a portable Windows search tool that requires no configuration or installation. Just copy the Dropout.exe file to your USB disk’s root folder and it will enable you to instantly search all the files in the current directory and also inside sub-folders. While running Dropout for the first time, it indexes the files inside a hidden folder in the USB drive itself so you don’t have to index the files again when you plug in the USB drive in another computer. Also the search index updates itself in an incremental manner whenever you run Dropout so your new files are automatically included in the index.

The great thing about this software is that it lets you enter full file names to search as in the built-in windows search. This is a very user friendly software and saves you a lot of time.

Download Dropout.

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