Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto Removes Duplicate Photos in iPhoto

In your Mac computer, iPhoto is a very cool program that helps you arranging photos in your computer. But there are some shortcomings of this program such as it is unable to find duplicate photo on your system and displays along with other photo. These duplicate photos consumes hard disk space of your computer. Also it helps in making your iPhoto clutter free and looking good.

There is an app in Mac app store known as Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto that automatically finds these duplicate images and deletes them instantly. It is a completely free utility which you can easily download on your Mac computer.

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

To use this app, run it in your computer by clicking on “Scan iPhoto Duplicates” button. It scans all your photos and shows all the duplicate images.It displays number of duplicate images and space consuming by those images. It will delete all the duplicate photos automatically after that.

Check out Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

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