Durability of iPhone 5C Shown off in a Video

There are very few products who gain the sort of traction pre-release like Apple products. There is always a buzz around the devices with half bitten fruit no matter the shape or size of them. It is not different this time around, as we await the official announcement of the next gen iPhone and it’s brother, perhaps what would be a budget iPhone. There have been images leaked left, right and center of the budget iPhone and we have seen it practically in every color under the spectrum of rainbow.

iPhone 5C

The device is soon going to be making all sorts of waves in the market and we have absolutely no doubt it would be the hot talking topic when it does come out. For now though, until at least the official announcement, be prepared to have your RSS flooded with several iPhone 5 pictures. The device is expected to have a plastic like back which resembles that of the iPhone 3Gs, only the difference being that it is more straight than contoured backs on the 3Gs.

The latest reports also suggest that the new back panel of the iPhone is one of the toughest and will largely be scratch resistant. This is a valuable and worthy bit of information simply because this device is likely to make big in the budget markets such as Asia and at places like these people really valuable things which are tough over the delicate ones.

We were unable to embed the video, so make sure you hit the source of the video here and see for yourself how tough the device is.

Via: Appledaily


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