E-Books Vs Text Books: Which Would You Prefer?

As we slowly move towards the post PC Era, one major thing that has changed is how we read our text books. Three or four years ago, you only fell checking out an E-Book, if the text book was really expensive and you could not really afford one. You were stuck on your laptop reading the E-Book and it became extremely tedious. However, today the things are so much different. With tablets becoming more and more popular and people really getting attracted towards E-Book readers such as Kindles, the choice to pick an E-Book or text book is becoming a little difficult. Apart from dies hard romantics, who still love the smell of the real paper and much prefer a physical copy, most of the people today are leaning towards E-Books. They are far easier to carry and you can practically have an entire library in just one tablet and carry it around everywhere, which you obviously can not in case of physical books. They also last as long as your storage lasts and you can not lose an E-Book like you can lose a physical book.

E-Books are also easily available and slightly lesser expensive as compared to physical books. So it is no more just the case of picking free E-books, they actually are very much a viable option even if you have to pay for a book when it comes to picking something to read. Here is a very interesting infographic that we think clearly outlines how E-Books continue to grow as we get more and more tech savy. Is it all that necessary that one has to win in order to survive or with both continue to share the market revenue. Check out.



Via: Visual.ly

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