E-Commerce Drop Shipping Now Made Easy With Oberlo

In case you’re unaware of what we are talking about, in general terms ‘Drop shipping‘ is an arrangement between E-commerce stores and the product manufacturer, another retailer or wholesale suppliers where the store owner can get the products shipped directly to the end user. In this arrangement, the products are showcased or catalogued on the E-Commerce websites, and customers can choose the products listed there, which is then processed by the third party at his end upon your request.

Drop Shipping has been lately getting a lot of attention and many new E-commerce start-ups are also based on such an ideology and business structure.


Drop Shipping at times can be a bit complex and problematic if related things are not organized and planned accordingly which basically involves having products in stock, getting orders, order packaging, branding, delivery, etc and there may be more. Managing all the aforesaid heads can be too clumsy or problematic unless you have a huge manpower besides you or a Drop Shipping solution can come handy.

Here is where Oberlo comes in and eradicates most of our worries when we are totally new to this entire idea of Drop Shipping. Oberlo automates all the process involved from getting orders to the delivery of the same. Your main focus would be on marketing and sell the most you can.

Let’s see what does Oberlo has in store for us. Since Drop Shipping is in trend these days and many of the new E-Commerce startups are considering it as a probable opportunity to bag in. Oberlo is something which helps you to incorporate or import thousands of drop shipped products from Ali Baba and Ali Express directly to your E-Commerce website. For this, you need to have an E-Commerce website up and running.

After successful import, you can then customize all the products with pictures, descriptions, set your prices etc. Once you are done doing all of this, Oberlo takes up the podium and does all that is required from packaging, delivery, status updates to customers automatically.

Oberlo is trusted by many E-commerce companies and is being recommended for the ease and automation its gets on board. With Oberlo you have the power to import thousand of products from Alibaba and Ali Express directly to your E-Commerce store which really eases out the entire process. Oberlo keeps your business model or the revenue model in secrecy where the end user will never come to know that you have been Drop Shipping them the products.

Summing up everything, we can say that Oberlo is definitely one of the trusted drop shipping providers and even a novice can use the free trial period in order to experience the entire idea of Drop Shipping using Oberlo. In Spite of many other options available we would recommend you Oberlo for the ease and efficiency it portrays in real time and the convenience to work from anywhere is what we like the most.

Have you ever tried any drop shipping services? Do let us know your review about the same using the comment section below.

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