Easiest Way of Killing The Running Windows Processes

There are several ways to kill Windows processes which stops responding. The most common way is by opening Windows Task Manager and go to Processes tab and right click on the process and select End Process. Apart from this you generally restart your computer when the program fails to respond.

You can create custom batch file to kill multiple programs in a click. Here’s how you can create one:

– Open Notepad.

– Paste the following lines in the notepad.

taskkill /im program1.exe
taskkill /im program2.exe

– Open Windows task manager by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Esc”. Go to processes tab and go to the program name not responding.

– Replace program1.exe and program2.exe by actual name of the processes. For example in the below screenshot, I replaced program1 by Evernote and program2 by Skype.


– Go to File -> Save as and give the file name killprocess.bat. You can give it any name  but don’t forget to add .bat at the end of the name (for ex. anyname.bat). In the Save as type dropdown, select All files.


-Save the file anywhere on the computer. Now if your program stops responding, just doble click on the bat file to kill the process.


A black screen will appear for the short period of time which pop ups the message that termination signal sent to the processes.


That’s it. Your added programs will kill within fraction of second.

[Thanks Ampercent].

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