Easiest Way To Download Movies

What are your favorite medium to watch or download movies online: YouTube, Torrent, Direct download links, Forums? Forget all of them. Here comes the killer zButterfly.

Why it is killer? Well, it is a Windows only tool and you need to download and install on your computer. After that all you need to do is search for your favorite movies using the search box and then hit the “Download” button. Rest of the work will done by the tool itself. Great isn’t it.

It is a torrent application but it doesn’t seems like that because it comes with advanced search capability. You don’t need to go to torrent sites to download the files. This tool provides you the nice interface to search torrent file of any movie you want.


The tool comes with a nice user friendly interface. On first run, it shows all the latest movies. On right sidebar, you can navigate to movies collections according to genres, actors, directors, countries, and years. Also if you want to  download IMDB highly rated movies then simply click on the “IMDB Top 250” link on the sidebar. Apart from that it you can browse award winning movies by clicking the link of Oscar awards and best of the genres.

The tool needs Java to run so make sure you have Java installed on your computer. If you are a torrent freak and think that the tool has so easy looking interface then wait. Click on Tools –> Options and here you’ll get plenty of advanced options and settings to play with. It is made by keeping all kind of users in mind.

During using this tool if you face any kind of problem like your internet goes slow, or getting “Disk read error” then check out this FAQ page of the tool.

Download zButterfly.

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