Easily Create Comics Using Chogger Online Comic Creator Tool

For kids, reading comics is their favorite time pass. These days social media is full of short and amusing comics. If you have any creative idea then you can convert it into comics and share with other people to have some fun. Creating comics is not an easy task. But you can create your own comics with the help of online web app known as Chogger.

This tool is free to use and no sign up is required. On homepage you’ll get a glimpse of many comics created online. Creating comics is easy. Just click on the “Build A Comic Now” button given below the logo of website.



On comic editor, you’ll get many templates to start with. Choose your template and start making comics in the given template. There are many additional options given in a tool such as Google image search, take image from webcam and draw options.

There are various boxes present to add flavor on your comics. These boxes are speech, thought, shout balloons and caption box. After completing the comics, click on a “Finish” button given on top right. Once completed, you can save and share your comics. You’ll get a URL for your comics and you can share this URL with anyone you want. You can also save your comics in image format and share it with anyone.

Check out Chogger to create comics online.

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