Easily Share Movies Between Mac and iOS device using MovieShare

Let’s say you have a Mac computer, iPad and an iPhone. You want to transfer few video files between iPad and iPhone. One thing you can do is connect your iPad to your Mac computer, copy files in it and then transfer it to iPhone by connecting it to Mac computer. One other easy method you can use is Bluetooth option. But transferring files using Bluetooth is a time taking method.

To solve this problem there is an app available known as MovieShare. It quickly share movies between your iPad, iPhone and Mac using Wi-Fi connection. You need to install this app on your iPhone or iPad. It is also available for your Mac computer.



Using this app is very simple. All you need to do is drag and drop the file from one device to another within the interface given in the app. The file will automatically get transferred to other device. Suppose you went to your friend’s place and you are using his Wi-Fi then you can transfer the movie to your friend’s phone or iPad by using the app. No Apple ID is required for this. The main advantage of using this application is, it skips the iTunes option to transfer videos.

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