Easily Translate Text in Windows Computer Using Transmiti

When it comes to translate text from one language to another, Google Translate might be your favorite tool. It can easily translate text into several languages. But one needs to copy text into the programs interface and then hit the translate button which is a time consuming process. What if we could get result by selecting text only. It can be possible with the help of a tiny Windows application known as Transmiti. It is powered by Google which means it uses Google translational service to translate text into various languages.

Download the tool and double click on the downloaded file to run the program (no installation required). The size of application is only 640 KB. Open the program and you’ll find three tabs on the program’s interface: Guide, Settings and About. In the Guide tab you can read the instruction to use the tool. All you need to do is select the text with the help of mouse and then press the windows key to translate the text in other language. No need to copy text anywhere. It will show the result immediately. On minimizing, it sits on the system tray.


Go to the settings tab where you can choose the language from and into you want to translate the text. Set Translate from to Automatic so that it can automatically detect any language. In the Translate into field, select the language in which you want to translate the text. You can convert the text in many languages such as Danish, English, Finnish, French , German, Hindi, Hungarian, Turkish, Thai, etc.

You can also select Hotkey to translate the text. By default hotkey is Windows key.


For example I converted one of the email I received into Hindi language. All I did is I selected the text and then clicked the Windows key on the keyboard. It displayed the translated text immediately.


The beauty of this program is it works in any Windows text editor program, it means if you select text in Microsoft Word or Windows Live Writer and then press the hotkey then it immediately convert the text into selected language. This tool is free to use. It is fast, reliable and easy to use and supports more than 52 languages.

Note: Transmiti needs internet connection to run, so if you don’t have internet connection then it won’t establish a connection from Google servers and unable to give the result.

Download Transmiti

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