Easy Photo Effects is a Portable Image Editing Software

There are plenty of software available on the internet for editing and creating images ranging from Adobe photoshop to Picasa editor to various other non commercial ones. Easy Photo Effects is a portable app that allows users to edit their images with ease and contains the most commonly used options for non professional users to create effects on their images.

easy photo effects

Just locate the image you want to edit on your computer from the app and you can start the editing process.

Easy photo effects has the most commonly used effects available in the main menu and you can configure these effects as well. Some of the effects available for use on this app are:

1. Black and White and sepia conversion.

2. Brightness and contrast adjustment.

3. Various predefined editing effects like topaz, embossing, borders, colored grids and analogica.

4. You can also resize the image using this software without compromising on the image quality.

5. You can even give your images the movie feel by clicking on the movie option which makes your image look like a snapshot from a movie.

Whenever you have a problem with your edit you can also rollback the changes by clicking on reset image to bring your image back to the original format.

This is a nice tool to have if you don’t like installing your software.

Download Easy photo effects.

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