Edit Context Menu of Windows Using FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools is an application that allows users to customize their Windows Explorer menus by adding or removing certain aspects of the explorer to make the usage easier and more simple. You can customize the context menu in Windows computer by adding some built in utilities that can help make your programs run easily and smoothly.

The app comes in an installer which wont take much of your time to install. Once installed, open the application. There you will see a window which displays the adjustments that can be made to the Explorer using this tool. You can change the way your explorer works and also how it looks using this simple tool.

Simply check or uncheck the adjustments or parameters in the app that you would like to have on your explorer menus and once you are done, go to file on the top left part of the File menu tools window and click import settings. Then all the settings that you have selected will be added to your context menus of Windows explorer for you ease of use.

The various features that are available on this app are:

1) Add extra functionality to perform action on files and folders.

2) Options added to “Send to” menu.

3) Capability to enable or disable commands added by third party software.

Download FileMenu Tools.

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