Edit Your Images Easily With LazPaint

LazPaint is a tool that can act as a handy alternative to the default Windows Paint software. LazPaint is a comparatively new software but has features that most other paint software don’t have but are necessary. You can adjust features like anti-aliasing, alpha blending etc. which are not meant for casual users.


LazPaint contains many handy options that would normally be used by a professional on Photoshop or any other mainstream software. You can edit specific sections of the image like highlighting a part of the image. You can even add 3-Dimensional images to the main image and add text within that figure. There are options to help adjust the opacity of the image so you can make the image translucent by default.

There are some default operations that you can do to your image like:

1.  Snow printing

2. Watering the image with custom colors

3. You can rotate the image to any angle you want

4. Zoom in or zoom out of the image

5. Shift the colors to adjust the hue and intensity

6. Colorize the image or even give a negative effect to the image.

There is practically no limit to which you can edit images on this software and is a must have for those looking for some advancement from the default Windows Paint software available on you system.

Download LazPaint.

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