[Editorial] My Time with a Phablet- LG Optimus G Pro

For those of us in the tech writing world, smart phones become a commodity that come and go. We all have our personal devices but due to large influx of devices, it is very rare that we spend a long time getting to know a device personally day in and day out. With the LG Optimus G Pro, things were a little different. I got to have the device for around a month now on my desk, and for a review unit, that is a long long time. Soon, it will be the time for the device to go though, so here are my experiences of the LG Optimus G Pro, the good, the bad and the rest.

LG Optimus G pro2000

The Good

I personally fell in love with the gorgeous 5.5 inch display of the LG Optimus G Pro. Yes, the size of the display is slightly on a larger side, but this meant that I did not really use my iPad 2, iPad Mini or the Nexus 7. The G pro was a great go to mate when it came to reading or watching videos. Another feature, that not many seem to notice is the ‘Notebook’ app. It allows you to take snappy notes in your own handwriting and share it across. I invested in a Rs. 125 local stylus and this was one of the most useful things I found. Sitting in a meeting that was not interesting enough, I took the device to draw my thoughts and share it across my network. Yes, I know I cannot draw to save my life, but hey, I gave it a shot.

LG Optimus G pro1998

I also loved the dual shoot feature of the device and actually more than myself, the people using the device who were taking videos or pictures loved it. They had no reason to miss out from the picture and they loved being involved in all the fun. The device is snappy and smooth, and I loved throwing everything I could at the poor chap.

The customizations on the board are practically endless, from fonts to lockscreen to menu wallpaper to themed icons, the G Pro definitely feels like an extension of you. Really enjoyed playing with all the effects and themes, just like a play school kid would. In fact, I am sure in a few months some people would ask their friends to rate their phones on the basis of customizations ranging from iPhone to the G Pro. Hope you get the gist.

The Bad

Age old complaint of Software updates. My Nexus 4 is sporting Android 4.3 while my HTC One is happily sitting on Android 4.2.2, while the G Pro is still stuck on Android 4.1.2. I miss daydream and dashclock and the butter smoothness of Jelly Bean 4.2 on the G Pro. Also, given the large amount of theme-ing that LG have done over the stock Android, it is kind of disappointing it will take the device literally forever to receive updates to the latest OS.

LG Optimus G pro1996

The battery life on the G Pro is not best optimized either. For a device sporting a massive battery like the G Pro is with 3140 mAh the G Pro does die out pretty quick, in fact my HTC One seems to last a bit better in terms of standby. Mind you we did not have sort of core control or power saving on the device on. Yes, it does easily make through the day, but not beyond which i personally would have liked from a device of this size. Also, strange to say, but I missed having a stylus on the device. Yes, old school but when the device is this big and can run multiple applications at one go, having a stylus allows you to click those time miniscule control buttons easily and take notes on the screen.

LG Optimus G pro1990

And yes, my jibe with the materials. Being an engineer with gross interests in Material Sc, I would have much liked the device to be in metal, now imagine a device of that size, in a premium build, there you would have had an unbeatable device.

The Rest

On the whole though the LG Optimus G Pro does well, it gave me my first pahblet experience since owning a Samsung Note I and got to admit, the device is neat.

LG Optimus G pro1995

I am not sure if I am yet ready to go the phablet route full time, but yes, it was fun till it lasted. The size is big for me simply because I have invested a lot of money in a regular tablet, be it a Nexus 7 or the iPad Mini. But if you havent, and you want a device which is your go to it all, then hey, the G Pro is definitely one to pick up and must say, I will have fond memories of the device and cherish my time of hanging out with this superlative mammoth beast.

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