Eight Killer Features That Make Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich a Sure Hit

It was long overdue and unlike the apple counterparts, Android did not disappoint at their much awaited event at Hong Kong. The event marked the launch of the greatest and latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich. So what really are the selling points and why should you go and get it when available. Here are the top killer features of Android’s latest baby: Ice Cream Sandwich:


image via Engadget

1) It is simply awesome and the new UI really bowls you over especially the new scrollable widgets are a joy to behold as you can read through Your emails And text messages as well as your favourite news reports from the sites like CNN. The widgets are also re sizeable now that makes sure you can customize the view of your home page how you wish to.

2) The new camera app is simply fantastic. The camera application now features a inbuilt panoramic view which lets you to capture a large area. The best thing about the panoramic experience is that it is not based on images but on videos as you can click a panning video and the panorama is created right out of that video. No more of the painful clicking of pictures and then forgetting the continuity link while you clicked it and ending up soiling the panoramic view.

3) The new lock screen looks really intuitive and actually is very practical as it incorporates the camera launch button. This makes sure that you never ever miss an opportunity to take pictures and miss a moment in unlocking the device.

4) The inbuilt screen shot taker lets you to take screenshots of your screen as and when you need it. This may seem like a rather light feature or an unnecessary one but trust me when I say people really need it. This feature so far was available only to people with rooted devices but now with this feature in built , it adds to the utility.

5) The revamped e- mail is really powerful and works really well as it incorporates all that you need. The ability to slide across messages and archive them and then ability to change options as per how the messages are displayed is really good. You can now slide across any message you deem not needed and get rid of them quickly.

6) The new people’s tab keeps the information at one button click of all your contacts. Managing contacts was never as much fun as it is now as all the social network feeds of your contacts are integrated in one space, so now you can watch Blogtechnika’s latest tweets with the latest Facebook status in one place. Really helpful for all of us social networking obsessed people.

7) Better Internet browsing: Internet browsing was a lot of fun on Android and it has just got even better. You have option now to open up to 16 new tabs all in a list down view with live view of all the pages. You also have the option to now request desktop view instead of the mobile version.

8) Multi tasking got even better: Multi tasking on the new 4.0 Android has been right picked out of Honeycomb. Pressing the multitasking tab opens live view of all your running applications in a list down sort of view. You can swipe across the application to close the app that you feel is surplus to your usage.

ICS has most definitely been a welcomed guest in the beautiful world of Android, especially cause of the fact it has been coded for only usage with Dual Core devices which ensures much faster speeds and a visibly faster performance. It definitely would be a hit, and a must have the moment it is available on your phone. For now though only two phones have been confirmed who will be updated to ice cream sandwich in Droid Razr and Nexus S alongside the released Nexus Galaxy.

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