Enjoy Using Wifi Apps On 3G With 3G Unrestrictor

There are certain apps on the iPhone that require a WiFi connection to work. Such apps include Skype, Saavan, YouTube (for high quality videos), and the App Store/iTunes (for downloads over 10MB). How does one go about this restriction?

The little hack named VolPover 3G enables us to use Skype and YouTube over 3G! However, with the new iPhone 3GS, VoIPover3G is not compatible nor with the iphone 4 and 4S. So that means for iPhone users, we were out of luck until the update was released.

But nothing to worry, 3G Unrestrictor is the app that you require! It allows you to use applications over 3G even if they are restricted to Wi-Fi only. You can also use 3G Unrestrictor to enable application/podcast downloads over 10MB and watch high quality YouTube videos over 3G.
You can for example while on 3G/EDGE/GRPS:

· Make free calls using VoIP software like Skype, Fring, Truphone, viber and others.

· Watch TV with SlingPlayer

· Watch high quality YouTube Videos, just like on WiFi

· Download apps bigger than 10MB

· Download podcasts bigger than 10MB

I tested a call using viber over 3G and it worked perfectly without lag. I did a search on YouTube for high quality videos and immediately I was served with WiFi quality videos over 3G! This little tweak is definitely worth downloading if you’re tired of apps limiting you to WiFi and want an easy GUI.

3G Unrestrictor is available in Cydia, just use the search to find it.

To install 3G Unrestrictor you need to follow the steps given below:


1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone.

2. Once the data is loaded, go to search and type in “3G Unrestrictor”.

3. It’s free in the IHR (iHacks Repo), insanelyi repo and sinfuliphone repo.

4. Select it and install it.

5. Respring or reboot your device.

6. You are done to use it.

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