Eric Schmidt Caught using the Moto X Phone

Well, being the Executive Chairman of Google may well be a tough job, but it surely has it’s upsides. Owning the devices that are not yet open to public is one of the them. Eric Schmidt has been caught in the wild using the Moto X Phone, a device that is probably the most anticipated Android device out there. The phone marks the return of Motorola Mobility as a leading player in the mobile world after being taken over by Google. The photo was taken when Eric was participating in Allen & Co annual conference held on July 11th, 2013.


From the image we can confirm that the device has a nice rounded back to fit in the palm of the hand, very similar to the HTC One. The back of the device certainly does not look to be made of cheap plastic and the Camera Module is bang in the center. It also confirms that the speaker grille of the device is positioned at the back of the device and the X Phone would carry one LED Flash light.

There is also confirmation that the device will have metallic controls and the unlock button would be on the side, very similar to the Nexus 4. We will know more about the device in the upcoming days.

Via: G+

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