Espier Brings the Perfect iOS Dialer App for Android

We have seen in the past Espier bring near close replicas of iOS 7 to Android. For some this might be a mystery and may argue that, if you like iOS 7 so much, you might as well switch over to an iPhone, but for the rest, this is just another of the good customizations that Android allows them to do. So, coming back to the point, we have seen Espier bring things like the iOS 7 Lockscreen or Control Center for Android which worked rather well.

Espier- iOS Numpad

So, continuing with the same set of releases, Espier has come up with a Dialer that replicates the Dialer as seen on iOS 7 for Android. Obviously the numeric pad is all circular like iOS but does bring some added features since it would be installed on a device running Android.

Some of the features of the app are as follows via the developer:

1. iOS7-style user interfaces, simple and practical.
2. Favorites management helps you to manage your frequent contacts.
3. Easily manage the call log ordered by all and missed.
4. Alphabetical list of contacts helps you locate your contact easily.
5. Dial Pad provides support for T9 intelligent matching (You can disable this feature if it is lag).
6. Incoming/Outgoing call interfaces in iOS7-style (Available only in full version mode).
7. Genuine validation to prevent use of the maliciously cracked version of this app.

The app comes with a 10 day trial period, post which it will be chargeable. The app though will continue to run even if you do not pay for it, but would exclude the history of incoming and outgoing calls. You must pay around $5 which is the equivalent value of about 1000 Espier Coins to get the app. Although a fun app to try out, we would not really suggest you to keep it as your main dialer.

You can still try out Espier’s iOS Dialer for free from here

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