ESPN ScoreCenter For Windows Phone 7.5 Keeps You Updated With Latest In Sports

A lot has been said and written about the fact that Windows Phone 7.5 is not capable enough when it comes to the world of Applications. However, having been associated with the platform for about 1 year almost now, safe to say that the platform has grown tremendously and if the growth pattern is anything to go by, then it will continue to become a larger force than what it is currently. One thing I did notice is that even applications that are present over other Mobile OS do have limited resources on WP 7.5. For example, Whatsapp which is so convenient of iPhone and Android devices seems to be really sluggish and lacks a fair amount of customisations. One more such application is ESPN Scorecenter.

The application is probably the best spots tracker application in Windows Phone 7.5 but if you are coming down from Android or iOS you will find a distinct difference. For a start the application is not as fast in terms of responses and has a completely redesigned UI. It is fairly simple and easy to follow around. It looks pretty much like any other application on Windows Phone 7.5 devices with scrolling across. There is no option to customise pop ups and get regular score updates which is kind of sad because that is why most of us use a sports app to stay updated regularly. In fact the app is more like a news fed reader.

You can manage i.e. add or edit the teams that you like to follow and you would be kept updated of its latest happenings as and when you browse the application. You do have basic settings tab to change the teams around and you can customize it to be used for more than one sport which is good. You have just about every sport available, from NFL to football to NBA etc. The app definitely looks more like ESPN Mobile but does the job. SO, if you are looking around for an Application for your Windows Phone device to keep you up to date with all the happenings from the world of sports, you got to give this app a try. The application is absolutely free for download which definitely is a bonus.


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