Essential Apps Which Are Free For Your Mobile

There are some applications , some must-have applications which are just brilliant. Some are free and some are ofcourse paid, here is a list of a few applications which in my opinion are essential and they are FREE and the best part? We have the same applications for both Android and iOS, at least most of them, so lets get started.


1) Soundhound: A beautiful song is playing on the radio, you love it,but you don’t know the name. Let this app take a listen. A few seconds and the result is out, with impeccable accuracy. That’s right, you will get the name of the song. (Platform: ios)

2) Pulse: All your RSS feeds, social network updates, perfectly amalgamated with news, all of this in one place with this wonderful application.(Platform: ios,android)

3) Google body: With this smart application, you can play around with a 3-D human body. Learn something or just for fun, a great application.(Platform: Android)

4) Adobe flash player: Without flash there are no embedded videos and definitely no animation in your browser, so this one is must must must have. (Platform: Android)

5) Galaxy on fire 2 : A jaw dropping tegra-optimised space blaster game. A beautiful game and its of course free of cost. Do try it. (Platform :ios,android)

6) Temple run: In a long time, a very long time, there has been no game as good as angry birds, and then temple run happened. A game which is as addictive as Mario and as fun as contra. Just keep on running,make high scores and challenge your friends , and free too.

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