Eurosport For iOS Is A Must Download For All Sports Lovers

If you are a sports lover you are gonna absolutely love the application we are about to cover. We are in the middle of probably one of the greatest sporting marathons ever. Euro 2012, Olympics, Wimbledon, new football season and plenty of cricket action as well as formula one is just around the corner. So in such a busy schedule for sports you are bound to miss out on a few important matches. But we have you well covered so that you are kept updated with all the scores with the wonderful application that is Eurosport for iOS.

Eurosport is one of the most popular websites for keeping a live track of various sporting events happening. However in my humble view, the iOS version of the application is just as good if not better. The UI is extremely slick and easy to use. I would say it is beautiful too. There are no complications and any noob who is using it for the first time also will find his way around extremely easily. Eurosport allows you to set your favorites from the wide world of sports and select the types of alerts you would like to receive. For example, if I set my favorite team to Manchester united and enable all alerts, I would get alerts for every united game and score changes as well as scores at half time and full time. This is extremely handy as these push notifications help you track the score and are very much real time.

You do obviously need an Internet connection to be receiving the updates. However, the service is absolutely free and does not eat away a lot of your bandwidth. As a result we feel this is a much better way to go than subscribe to your favorite teams website for alerts which would also charge you a premium amount. You can also read various big stories from the world of sports when you open the application. The alerts too are very customizable and you can put them to silent too so that you are not disturbed when in the middle of something. It is highly recommended that you download this application and customize it to alert you for your favorite sporting event since its easy and handy.You can download the application from here.

Hope this application would have solved the problem of plenty of sports enthusiasts like me out there. It’s a total boon for keeping scores tracked on the go. How did you find this app review? Do let us know in the comments below.

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