Everything You Should Know About Google Glass

Even though smart phones and smart watches are the talk of the town currently, one product that just about everyone is keenly waiting for is Google Glass. It is pretty much impossible for someone who is connected to the internet today to not have heard about the Google Glass. It is just like normal specs, but a smart one at that. There is a small glass as well as camera attached, that lets you read information such as weather reports, receive messages, record real time videos and see traffic trends right in front of your eyes without having to touch anything. Google has been testing the Google glass in the past few months and according to the latest reports coming in, b the end of 2013 we could have the first commercial model of Google Glass available. The smart glass or Google Glass will obviously set you back quite a lot of money, in the range of about $1200-1500 but for the sort of technology it is capable of, and hands free availability of information anywhere you go makes it extremely attractive.


How well, the Google Glass performs in real life when it comes out of the Demo scene to the real world remains a mystery, but one thing for sure is that we cannot wait for it. And like Joshua Topolsky of the Verge pointed out after using the Google Glass that it is more of a question of when instead of if now. If you wish to know more about the updates of Google Glass or want to know how exactly does it work, then Techradar have put together a wonderful video to help you know everything about Google Glass. Here it is:

You can also read a wonderful month by month review of Joshua Topolsky at the Verge to know how the user experience of Google Glass is. It indeed is a fascinating device and we for one cannot wait for Google Glass.

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