Everything You Want To Know About Facebook Groups

Facebook has launched a new feature known as Groups at an event at Palo Alto, California. By using this feature you can add people to make a public, private or secret group and collaborate them anytime you want. Apart from chat, you can share post, links, videos, events and docs. This is a step by step guide to create Facebook group and start collaboration with members.

How to Create Facebook Groups

Go to this page. Click on Create Group button.


A box will pop up. Enter the name of your friends you want to add in your group. Remember, you can add only your Facebook friends in the group you are creating. Type the names in the Members box (no need to type full name, after typing the initials, Facebook automatically displays your friend’s name).

After typing all the names, choose the privacy level. You can choose is to closed group therefore all the members will be public (anyone on Facebook can see them) and the content will be private. Click on Create button.


Your Facebook group is created. Now enjoy talking with friends.

How to edit Facebook Group

Go to Account-> Application Settings.


You’ll see all the connected applications. Click on Groups.

edit group settings

Now click on the latest group you created. I created “Shipra Sun” group in the previous steps therefore I clicked on it.


You’ll be redirected to the Group page. Now click on the “Edit Group” button given at the right.


You can edit all the settings of your group. Even you can change the name, privacy level too. Also you can add email address and description. You can also add profile picture to your group.


How to Start chat, add friends and leave Facebook Group

Go to the group page and click on the chat with group link given on the right. A chat box will appear. Whatever you chat will appear on all the members page.

Similarly if you want to leave group, click on the Leave Group link on the right.


That’s how you can create, edit Facebook ad collaborate in Facebook group. This is just a start as we could see some more development in the near future.

Check out this Gigaom post to know more about Facebook groups.

Thanks Honey Singh, Mohit Wattal for helping me to test this feature.

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  1. I kinda locked my keys in the door last night when i was trying to edit my group settings.
    I created PROGRESSIVE HEAVEN music page. (ill refer it as PH)
    I wanted to have PH show up on my posts instead of my name.
    I took some wrong advice from someone & tried to CLOSE the group, which
    just closed it to members….no good. Then i X on my name in settings and i couldnt get back into it….
    until my wife made me admin again.
    Please help me undo these things as I need to be creator again & show PH on my posts.
    much appreciated

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