Everything You Want to Know About Nokia N9

We were one of the first sites to report the launch of Nokia N9 despite the news breaking through about the Finnish giants moving to windows phone 7 as their major operating system. Nokia N9 is running the already dead meego version of OS so what does this hold for Nokia?? Already a failure or maybe, a hidden genius?

Nokia N9 is without a shadow of doubt the prettiest phone you would find hardware wilde, it’s absolutely gorgeous in the aesthetics and looks a true work of genius, just like we have come to expect from Nokia, however, in the past the let down has not beetle hardware for Nokia but what it sports. The phone has no physical button on top and the top is primarily covered with the gorgeous 3.7 inch display which is as pretty a screen as you will find, the colours are extremely vivid and the blacks are super deep black. The phone sports a very good and efficient 5 mega pixel camera on the rear capable of shooting HD videos. The camera also is really good and really lives to the billing of a nokia smartphone camera.

However, the main driving force would be what is running the phone, the device runs meego os which is based on Linux. The interface is super easy to use and very similar to the perfect mixture of iPhone sort of interface and nokia`s very own n8. By no means does the os looks out dated or in fact dead which it already is. The response on the screen is really good and without a doubt the 1ghz processor does really well. The phone also has 1GB of RAM on board which is the highest so far for Nokia, this obviously not considering the latest tie up with Microsoft. The place where this phone would lack though is the application support as most of the app developers are likely to go the way of android, iOS or even Windows phone7 as they are the more growing platforms.

However, despite all of this, if you are a Nokia loyal and not too keen on Windows Phone 7 which is actually difficult to see why anybody would not be, then this device is without any doubt the best Nokia production out there. The phone is super smart to hold and looks great, but this time the performance also backs up the magnificent aesthetics. yes, the OS can be a bit of worry, since it’s already out of support but if you are content with the stuff out of box and not too much in to the world of exploring, Nokia N9 certainly is a very good choice.

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