Everything you Want to Know About Siri

Okay, iphone 4S came out with all guns blazing but the most wonderful feature is a redefined version of the assistant app which came out back in ’09 for iphone 3GS.  We already told you that Apple would be coming with such a feature (Assistant). Apple now has given it a fancy name ‘Siri’. So let us check it out.

Apple has made its move and Siri’s tagline says it all. Your wish is its command and they really mean it. Siri actually supports three languages English, German and French which is appreciable. Apple has also said that they will be adding more languages to it over a period of time.

So what all can you expect from Siri? Siri can send a text message for you, set a reminder, send e-mails, set alarms, search you contacts, set appointments and even read text messages for you. You can also ask Siri to search the web on Apple’s biggest rival Google.

When bored, you can ask siri to play a song. Siri can also place calls for you.

You can also get weather information via Siri, ask about your stocks and information on almost anything. It finds answers for you using Yelp and WolframAlpha too.

The best part about Siri is its intelligent and understands informal/ day to day language.

Suppose you want to know about a Burger joint, you ask siri “Any good Burger joint here?” It will come up with an answer. Now if you want to know about doughnuts all you do is ask siri, What about doughnuts? Siri knows you’ve been talking about food so you don’t have to repeat it again and again. Smart isn’t it?

Siri also uses the web service to find where you are and gives you the best possible option based on your location.

To invoke siri, all you have to do is to press the home screen button for 2-3 seconds and it will show up on your screen. Press the microphone button and you are ready to talk to your very own P.A.

Siri is an amazing feature and will probably be the selling point of iphone 4s, we still have no clue if you can use it on your iphone 4 but non Apple guys would be working on it.

So what will you do with Siri? Make a call? Send a text or something else?

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