Everything You want to Know About VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Almost everyone today who uses the internet has one thing in his mind. Am I being tracked? Are others watching what I am doing? People appreciate privacy when it comes to browsing the internet. Virtual Private Network are the saviors here. They provide anonymity for users on the internet and those users are not detectable by others. So, lets try and understand a little more about VPN’s, what they do and which are the best VPN services out there.


What is VPN

A VPN basically allows users to connect to a virtual network which in turn encrypts the data you send, hiding everything that the user is doing from public domain. A good VPN keeps no browsing history and the user is totally anonymous while browsing the internet. VPN’s are usually meant for office use. Large offices which have internet connectivity under a VPN service. This helps the users in the office to remain anonymous through the internet and people will not be able to track their activities on the internet. But, if you are a home user, and would like the same facilities for your computer, there are a few services which allow that.

Using a VPN for your home computer can have many advantages. We thought it would be nice to list a few of them below:

1. Remain anonymous while using the internet.

2. Secure all types of connections from DSL to 3G.

3. Perform bank transfers and other important actions securely without worrying about anything else.

4. All your passwords, credit card and banking details remain safe and secure.

5. As an anonymous user, you can access websites which are not accessible in your region.

FREE VPN Services

These are just some of the upsides to using a VPN service for your home computer. Now, lets take a look at some VPN services which are free of cost and allow users to remain anonymous throughout their session.

1. PROX PN :

ProxPN is a free service that allows anonymity for users accessing the internet. To start using this service, download the application from the link given above. Install the application. You will have to register to the website before using the service. If you are ready to pay for  the service, then there are many facilities like faster bandwidth speed that will be made available to you. But, if you want a free service, you will be given a 100kbps limit for using the web under the shadow of ProxPN. Register to the website and confirm your email address. Once you have confirmed your email address, enter your email address and password on the application. Select the region from where you want your IP address. Then click Connect. You will then be able to use a secure connection through the internet where others cannot track your activites.


2. Gpass:

Gpass is a portable service that allows users to access the internet securely and anonymously. The best thing about this app is that it does not require an installation. Download the application and run the exe file. Some default applications will be added to the main window. Add whatever applications you want on that list and run them securely using Gpass. Double click on an application on the Gpass window to run them under a secure, encrypted tunnel. Gpass is compatible with Windows only and does not require any registration.


3. Anchor Free Hotspot Shield:

Anchor Free Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that supports itself by displaying advertisements throughout the session if you are using the free VPN service. But this service offers unlimited bandwidth for users who are ready to pay for it. The main downside to this app is the advertisements that are displayed from time to time. But even that can be avoided. If you are a Firefox user, then you can use the NoScript extension to hide these.

hotspot shield

4. ItsHidden:

ItsHidden is the ultimate solution to your internet security and privacy issues. There is no installation or download required for the software to run on your computer. All you have to do is register to the website and then follow the guidelines given under your operating system. The service offers over 7 Gb of dedicated bandwidth and secure IP with 128 bit encryption to ensure that you are protected from trackers at all times. Although the application had its issues with the Mac, they have supposedly been resolved. So this is one application that is gaining a lot of praise.

5. Security Kiss:

SecurityKiss offers users the freedom to browse the internet with high speeds under an encrypted connection. The service offers high speed browsing but with a data transfer limit of 300 Mb per day. This service has impressed us because it does not require any registration of any kind and the installation and user interface is easy to use. The service is currently only compatible with Windows and you can access websites like Hulu which may not be available in your region.


6. Best FreeVPN:

Best Free VPN offers users the unique feature of browsing the internet anonymously on their existing Operating system or mobile. Best Free VPN changes its password after every 8 to 24 hours to maintain anonymity of the users. The speeds offered in this service are up to 512 kbps down to 256 kbps which is not that fast. But considering the fact that ti is totally free and offers secure connections to all its users without any advertisements or other disturbances is something that is looked at with much praise.

The service does not allow P2P services to run on the session but if you only need to browse the internet, then this service should be more than enough.

7. Hamachi:

We have discussed about Hamachi before on our website and have been quite impressed with this application.Hamachi may be one of the best services out there that offers free Virtual Private Networking for users with high speeds and unlimited data transfers. This application is mainly used by gamers to connect to other users and play cracked games online. Although we don’t encourage playing cracked games and always recommend buying games from stores, this is a nice substitute to have if you don’t like listening to us!


8. Secretsline VPN

SecretsLine VPN offers users a free, secure browsing experience on the internet. To start using the application, install the app and run the exe file. You will be required to register to the website. Enter the username and password and login from the application. You will then be able to use the VPN service from your computer. If you are interested in paying for a service, then this is a good choice. The website offers a variable range of prices and discounts for users which can help get the most affordable price for your service.


9. Shrewsoft VPN

ShrewSoft VPN service is available for both Windows as well as Linux users. This is a totally free IPsec remote access VPN client that provides secure connections between remote mobile home computers to open source VPN gateways. The software provides features that are available on expensive commercial software solutions like Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint etc.

shrewsoft vpn

10. Windows Built-in VPN

Not many people are aware of this. But, Windows has its own VPN client  for its users and offers anonymous browsing facilities to its users. Before roaming around the internet looking for a good VPN service, you should try the default service available on your system. It may be more than enough for you. To start using the Windows built-in VPN service, go to the start button and type in VPN. Click on the application that appears in the result to create your VPN connection. The built-in feature received quite a lot of criticism when it was started in the Vista operating system. Maybe that’s why people have forgotten about it. But many of those complaints have been taken into consideration and changes have been made to improve the client. The client is known to be good on the Windows 7 operating system.

windows vpn

How do VPN Make Money?

Some services are free but there are many limitations when it comes to free services. Even though they work well and do what they are supposed to, there are some minor security concerns that have to be addressed before you can start using one of the applications. Free is good. But is it safe? That is the question. Promoting privacy protection tools is one thing. But not many of them will do it for free. The VPN service providers have to pay for the bandwidth and servers which is not cheap at all. They will need other ways to counter this issue like:

1. Sell your logs to various marketing companies.

2. Fill your browser with tons of advertisements. These ads are tracked. So the users can also be tracked.

But not all free VPN services do the above mentioned activities. There are some free VPN services which are good and really do help in keeping your IP secure. But what we are trying to say here is, why take the chance? If you really are concerned about your security, go for the paid services.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to make yourself heard through the comments section.

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