Exclusive: Prebook Samsung Galaxy S3 In India Now via SnapDeal

We all have been waiting for the Galaxy SIII terribly to show up in India. the phone made its debut in parts of Europe on the 28th but there was a confirmation that the blue version of the device is running a little late. However, all f that put aside, the customers in india can now rejoice because the prebooking of this amazing smartphone is now available even in India.

For as low as Rs. 250, you can pre book your device here and avail first tabs on the device. the pre booking would last only for about another eight hours from the publication of this post. It was a joyful moment as I saw the device is available now in India so you should too make the most of it and be one of the first people to get the device in India. The device could be availed before 30th June. The only downside is that no concrete pricing is given which only makes us assume that it is not finalised how deep a hole this latest Samsung flagship will cost in your pocket. So why wait? Hurry up, this is your chance.

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