Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy SIII Available From Rs. 38,900

We recently saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII in India. However, one stumbling block we found was the fact that device was extremely expensive. However, the lowest offering we could find is via Snapdeal. They were one of the first ones to offer the device. However, the device can be picked for just under 40K at around Rs. 38,900. For those interested there is also an option of Cash on delivery for the device. The device will be shipped in about a week from when you order it.

Here is the page you need to visit to order the latest Samsung flagship for yourself. This deal also gives you about 8% discount on the MRP. However, you can pick the device from your local dealer for about another thousand cheaper. So far on the web though this is the best price we could find from a reliable seller.

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