Face Blender Blends Faces On Your Android Phone

Android and iOS have gradually become the best time pass and not just simple boring operating systems. From games to about a million other applications, we spend so much time on our smart phone not just calling and texting. The fun element has just got better as we are about to introduce to you another application that you could spend hours time passing.

The application is called Face blender. We see so often in movies that when the actor gets pissed his face merges with that of a panda of a gorilla. Am sure you all might have wondered how you would end up looking like if a similar thing was to happen to you. This is a real fun application and one where you can sit and pass time for hurs on end. You can take pictures from the gallery as well as click them instantly from your smart phone.

Essentially the application is available for free, however, there is also a pr version available which will set you back by about 3$. If you are a social media junkie and happen to use Facebook, Twitter etc a lot, then you should definitely get the pro version since it would bring a direct syc to your social media accounts. The best thing about the pro version is also that if you feel the blend has not come out well, you can manually change it and make it look like you wanted it to come. Face blend is one of the highest rated applications on the Android market place and one of the main reason is the simplicity of using this application. you can just switch this application on and you know exactly how and what to do and there is no need for any expert help.

You can download the free version of the application from the market place

We found the app to be highly amusing, did you? Would you download more such fun apps? Do let us know.

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