Facebook Blast: A New Feature Coming Soon on FB Messenger for iOS?

Facebook has been in a lot of news recently. Firstly it was the launch of Home, then the HTC First, and just a couple of days ago it announced VOIP Calling features in select few countries. But seems like there is a lot more to come still. iMore is reporting that Facebook is all set to roll out Facebook Blast for the Facebook Messenger application on iOS.


Facebook Blast is all set to add a few new features to the way group messages are handled on Facebook. Although, the rumor has not mentioned Android or WP 8 as potential platforms to receive Facebook blast, but we do think that it would roll out on both these platforms Currently, the way Facebook Messenger works is that you can add a bunch of your friends in a conversation and everyone pools in with their comments and views. However, with Blast things will be a little different.

You will be able to send the same message to a number of recipients and they can reply to you personally. This way, one friend will not be able to view what the other has said. It is like old school text messaging where several recipients are sent the same message but their replies are just for you to read. Although, you can still have the group conversation too just like how it is, Blast will be an optional service in case you want to discuss something private.

Not as big an announcement as the Facebook Home, but Blast definitely will bring back some sort of an alternative to have a private chat without typing the same message to your friends. Although, there is no date as to when Blast will roll out, we do think it would not be too long before we get the update notification on our iPhones. So, keep an eye there folks.

(Image and News Source: iMore)

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