Facebook Bringing an Anonymous Chat Application?

Facebook has been vocal about supporting its app business. if you look around you will see a fair few Facebook owned apps, most notably, the Social Media App, Pages, Paper, Instagram, Messenger etc. However, one thing common about all these applications is that you need to be logged in from your Facebook account as yourself and just about everyone who interacts with you does so by your own identity. But what if you wanted to chat or speak to people hiding your identity yet use your Facebook credentials to log in? Looks like, this is the exact use case that Facebook would be focussing upon next as it is about to bring a new Anonymous Chat Application.


Applications such as Whisper or Secret have gained a lot of popularity in the past with people using them to express their views under the veil of anonymity. This is seems to be the thought behind the new anonymous chat application. New York Times has reported an insider who has more information on this, saying:

The project is being led by Josh Miller, a product manager at Facebook who joined the company when it acquired Branch, his start-up which focused on products that fostered small, online discussion groups. Mr. Miller and the rest of his team have been working on the product in its different forms for the last year, said the people briefed on the plans.

The application, according to the same report is expected to be rolled out within the next few weeks and would be available on iOS first and Android later if the likes of Slingshot are to go by.


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