Facebook Brings its Messenger App for the Web

Facebook has been pretty aggressively pushing its Messenger application in the past year or so. First it moved the messenger services out of its mobile application, making it absolutely must for anyone who wants to privately talk to someone to use the messenger application. Post that at F8, Facebook announced that it would be treating the Messenger as a platform so that developer community can come together and start developing applications upon it to make the whole platform a little more robust as well as interesting to communicate.


The latest in the line of Messenger add ons is a messenger app for the web. This is first of its kind move, with Facebook bringing the messenger service directly to your browser at messenger.com. You can simply go to the URL and if you are connected or logged in to your Facebook account, you would directly be taken to your inbox and you can directly start IM’ing your friends from there.

The UI is very similar to the Messenger application as seen on the mobile while you also get the option to activate notifications for your desktop, so that you do not miss out on a new notification while lost within the tabs of your browser. You can send across emojis, stickers and everything else that you could on the messenger application on mobile. The only missing feature here is the ability to send audio notes as well as the ability to take live pictures using Web Cam.

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