Facebook Camera: Access and Upload Pictures Right From Your iPhone to Facebook

In a move that has definitely surprised a lot of people, Facebook has launched a new application called Facebook Camera for Apple devices. Facebook camera is very similar to instagram in the sense you can upload pictures directly to Facebook using this amazing application and also apply various filters. However, the main difference in the application lies in the fact that Facebook camera can be used for minor editing of the pictures like rotating and cropping of images which is obviously not present in Instagram.

You can also browse various images of yourself and your friends and also like and comment using Facebook Camera. It basically is displaying the entire feed of your friends in the form of pictures. So in theory it does look like an amazing application and your one stop destination for all the Facebook pictures. The application is already available in the United States but not at the time of publishing this article in India, so we are awaiting to get hands on it. However, you can view the application here in App Store and i am sure before we know it, it would be available for us to enjoy it too.

Via: Apple AppStore

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