Facebook Changing The Profile Designs Yet Again?

Yes, you read it absolutely right. And no, do not rush to your profile to do anything just yet you enthusiastic person because this is just a test phase. But yes, Facebook has confirmed that it is testing subtle changes to Facebook profile design yet again. This might be tenth or so redesign in the past couple of years and that is probably the reason we love Facebook so much, it is ever evolving.

You can be happy that these changes are not drastic like the timeline introduction ones which lets be honest made a lot of us scratch our heads to come around all the yearly mess we made on Facebook. The changes are extremely minor and involve basically the movement of your contact information and profile information over to your cover image instead of the white strip they currently lie on. There would also be  an added piece of information in the form of story which would describe all the major events of your life that you chose facebook to be a part of.

Facebook spokesperson told msnbc.com that “this is a small test,” but they did not “have anything further to share at this time.” So I guess just like everything in technology, this is also a case of wait and watch, so while we all do that, why not do some facebook. Add me up here, and do not forget to like our Facebook page too here. Enjoy FB-ing!


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