Is Facebook Planning to Launch Customized Android Home on April 4th?

It is a well known fact that Facebook has sent invites asking people to join them as they unveil their new home on Android. Since the news broke down a few days ago, lots of speculations have gone around as to what exactly this new home is? Everyone initially thought that maybe the Facebook app fro Android is going to get a huge face lift but that does not seem to be the case anymore.


According to the latest speculations, Facebook Home may well be an entirely new custom Android Home skin, something similar to what Amazon has done with their Kindle series where even though Android is at the heart of the system, it is heavy modified by Amazon services. If Facebook does decide to go that route it would  be pretty interesting because Facebook ecosystem, at least as of now is not as big as Amazon .

There is no dedicated Facebook music service and even apps are not too many to have a dedicated app store. However, we all know how popular Facebook is on mobile devices and there are mummers that Facebook could well team up with HTC who will be the OEM for the first such Facebook dedicated device. We have had the HTC Chacha/ Salsa in the past which were called Facebook phones, due to a dedicated Facebook, but neither of the devices made much of an impression in the market.

It surely is an interesting time for Facebook enthusiasts on Android device, and dare we say, may we even see a Facebook dedicated launcher.

There is only one way to find out though, and that is to wait till the announcements on April 4th. We will bring you the latest as it breaks. In the mean time, do not hesitate to write in your comments about the new Facebook Home on Android in the section below.

Via: Redmond Pie

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