Facebook Home Crosses over 500,000 Downloads

Facebook Home, the Facebook centric skin for Android is certainly the hot talk of the town. Despite being available on only handful devices, HTC One X, Galaxy S III, Note II to be very specific, the application has already crossed over 500,000 downloads just after ten days since it was released for public on April 12th. This comes as no surprise to us given the popularity of Facebook and how addicted people are to the social network, that they would obviously would not mind Facebook taking up the chunk of their Android device.

Facebook Home

However, the number is still pretty surprising given how the application was met with a fair amount of criticism and how few devices it supported. yes, it is possible to port the application to unsupported devices by downloading the apk after a quick Google search but still these are staggering figures. It proves once again that how little opinions of tech experts matter and if giants such as Facebook will roll something are, people are going to at least give it a shot, and fair play to that.

The popular joke on Twitter is that the only reason the application has reached so many downloads is that people downloaded the app only to be told that their devices are not supported, and as a result the number of uninstalls is equal to the installation numbers. Whatever it is, this is a major victory for Facebook and safe to say that Facebook Home is pretty much a declared hit.

Via: BGR

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