Facebook Home pictures Leaked Before the Official Launch

Keeping secrets in the tech world today must be the toughest thing on the planet. It was only yesterday that concrete reports tarted coming in that Facebook Home is indeed an environment app for your existing Android device and that there may be a brand new Facebook phone that could be well on the way out on April 4th. However, we already have leaked images of what exactly Facebook Home might be and look like. Here they are for you:

facebook-phone-notifications facebook-phone-sharing


As you can see the new Facebook UI has Facebook deeply integrated into your Android device even perhaps giving you the option to change the lockscreen to a Facebook Lock screen. How well this would work is anybody’s guess cause I am not sure how many people want to be bombarded with Facebook notifications right every time they switch their phones on. You can also now share individual images right from the application which indeed could be a very handy and welcome feature.



The Facebook UI would also give you selection of few apps which can be connected to Facebook such as Messenger and Instagram. We do believe this list will grow once Facebook releases more apps for mobile. Or maybe provide apps for Facebook games. Although the screenshots do give few UI features and what to expect, it is pretty unclear how all of will be implemented on Android phones. Would it be a Launcher or just an Application redesign or just simply a new Android skin.

We will have to wait a little to find out. We will update this space as and when more news filters in regarding Facebook Home on Android.

via: 9to5google

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