Facebook Improves Security Further: Launches Trusted Contacts Globally

People today would much rather have lot of their accounts compromised before they would want anything to be done to their Facebook accounts, in some absurd cases including their mailboxes. And to their credit, Facebook has improved it’s security features a fair bit over the last year or so. After launching a two step authorization, seems like Facebook wants to help you out in case your account does get compromised.


After limited availability, Facebook has launched Trusted Contacts globally, where you can basically select from three to five contacts that would help you by supplying out codes in case your account details are changed due to some hacking intervention. You can select your siblings or very close friends in these three to five people to make sure you get your account back without much hassles.

This is indeed a better way than having security questions, since there are chances people could actually second guess your answers in case they know you well enough. Since these codes will be unique, you are better off choosing your trusted contacts carefully so that you can fall back upon them when need is.

The feature is gradually being rolled out, so do check the security section of your Facebook account to get it when it is rolled in your region.

Via: The Verge

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